Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Peacock Table Setting

Things to DO or Not to waste your time? I wanted to do something while waiting for rush hour traffic. Who wants to get stuck in traffic? I don't. I walked around the store and I immediately felt hungry for decorating I spotted Z Gallerie store and I refused not to enter. I told myself, "Hmmm, let's train our eyes and do something fun!" I selected the beautiful dinnerware, glassware, napkins and the unbelievably beautiful Peacock napkin rings. Because of the Peacock, I would painfully regret not to do table setting. This is what I would love to see when I pulled out my dining chair and wait for the casual dinner with a special friend of mine. Peacock creates unexpected look to the diners and that...will... take your breath away! I didn't buy them, I was doing table setting merely for fun. (Smile) It was worth doing something, even for a minute.

Mobile Photos taken by Me
Everything from Z Gallerie

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