Thursday, July 15, 2010

Easy,Beach-Inspired Decorating Ideas

I read this beautiful decorating article from the Real Simple magazine. I love how they gathered all the inspirations on the bowl. Adding a wood bowl as part of the inspiration framed and enhanced the beauty of each cool and natural pieces.

They turned it to a very peaceful, relaxing, beach ambiance to interior spaces. I'm sure when you came home from work and enter here, each of us will Ohhhiinng and Ahhhiiinng in this room.

After work, the pictures from above appeared in my head. I cant help but go to any Interior decor store. My feet led me to Sur La Table and just tried to experiment re-arranging table setting (secretly addicted) The easiest way to do in the store. Not quite close, but I think that's all right for an impromptu arrangement. It's too pretty to ignore these gorgeous small plates and modern bowls.

~*---from room to tablescape---~*
And as I was craving for Filipino and Mexican food and just a right time to see countless lovely Mexican and Asian dinner ware. I added this one.

~*---filipino and mexican touch---~*

Good Night and have a more relaxing day and gorgeous Smile everyone!

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