Friday, August 6, 2010

{A}coustic- Hotel Barcelo Raval

"It is awfully loud here".  Have you  ever had that startling thought when you dine with your families, friends or even a date in a {visually exciting} restaurant? It is inevitable experience. You enjoyed the place and you forgive the noises. But sometimes, I wish it's not too loud. I am constantly receiving this complaints. I believe, design is not merely about visually excitement, it is also comfortably. I am voicing the sight, touch, taste, smell, and HEARING <----- is always missing in restaurant design. Don't you think? Fail!

I'm sure you've seen this before. Adding this 5 senses in design. WIN!

The images above makes me want to dress up, dine, and dance with my friends. Maybe, a date with my man.
Have a lovely friday! Enjoy and be safe!

images via furfin

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