Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Revel Spa

Really, placing an eye catching birdcages in the reception are truly marvelous. It screams, "Welcome!" Adding hanging lights or any striking pieces on the ceiling that can take your breath away is on my list now.  

The reclaimed wood awakened the beautiful Asian atmosphere and warmed up the modern space.

Manicure Station: Combining ceiling, wall and table into one piece is a smart idea. It's standout and owned the entire bright room. The photographs shot by Jiun Ho in Vietnam completes the white wall and embraced the nature of Vietnam.  The over all room is fresh, clean, and accessible.

And,,, it appeared to be a sculptural look as well.

Say bye bye to electric fan and say Hello to electric nail dyer!

Beautiful antique Chinese elm screens. {This gave me an idea to add characters on the unattractive doors.}

{inhale....ahhhhh...} makes me feel relax already

Beautiful wall panel. Satisfied to end the journey.

"How often do you go to a spa?"  Definitely want to go already.  Luckily it's in San Francisco. {Not yet, just not now}

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Images: Revel Spa, ID mag.


  1. the spa looks so relaxing and super stylish. i haven't been to the spa in such a long time, may be due for a visit soon :)

  2. Beautiful spa! Love the clean nail room with the pink flowers adding that little bit of color.

  3. Just looking at these relaxed me!

  4. I wish I could have a spa treatment over there!I need it!!:-)) kisses

  5. This spa is so gorgeous :) Looks so relaxing

    Love, Vanilla

  6. Usually I am more of a shabby-chic design kind of girl but that spa looks heavenly! Maybe clean modern lines is what a spa calls for!


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