Friday, February 4, 2011

Table Setting to Fabrics

to Fabrics

While I was waiting for a friend of mine. I decided to go to Joanne fabric and craft stores to check out the inexpensive fabrics. I found these beautiful {spring colors} fabrics. I knew, I saw the similar colors from my previous post so I grabbed the idea. Something we can use for curtains, chairs and pillows, lamp shades and the lists are on and on.  

Then I started to select countless fabrics to put them together and see how it's going to turn out. I truly want to have a beautiful sample library to work on concept ideas.

See for yourself. I hope you like them.

And this color is inspired from my Beauty talk and color picker blog. I was looking for the muted blue shades but I think the gray color worked too. A little different color but It's fun to go a bit different too.

"What do you think?" 

Image: 1- Style at Home, 2- photo taken by me at Joann fabric and craft stores


  1. Perfect for a baby shower or a Ladies Tea!

  2. Ooh. I spy one I need! Ty for sharing these pics...I'm off to JoAnne's tomorrow. And yay for you finding all those goodies for yourself!

  3. These are beautiful :) I love the blue and white print :)

    Love, Vanilla

  4. Lately I've been drawn to the mix of florals and geometric patterns, and I really love the yellow and blue together (and that's a color combo I can't seem to get enough of lately).

  5. sweetie, all adorable!my preferred one.. the first one, simply adore toile de juy!KISSES and wish you a lovely weekend

  6. love them all actually! for me, i'd go with some toile because i've been yearning to add a little toile in my life! Happy Sunday! XX

  7. I think you did a really good job! It seems kind of fun to do!

  8. lol it's not 'stolen' if you credit them :)

    I love them all- the pink ones are my faves!

  9. Thanks ladies!

    To Cecylia, thanks for correcting me :)

  10. i really likee it. great colors :)


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