Thursday, March 17, 2011

The power of Change

Life is a set of circumstances that you can change, improve, and make better day by day. It's your decision; it's in your hands. Just like the potter at the wheel, you are the force that turns and moves the clay into a thing of beauty. Like the painter's brush depicting something fresh and new and picturesque, you can create the scenery that's best for you.
Each person has the power to take control of every circumstance in life----
to change, improve, and make it better day by day. Not one of us can say:
"I must accepts whatever comes my way," because the way we choose to go through life is our decisions. The power of change is always in your hands.

---Barbara J. Hall

Images: We Heart It, Jamie Nelson

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  1. I should copy this paragrapgh and have it with me... kisses and wish you a lovely weekend!


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