Thursday, March 31, 2011


I am not feeling well since Monday. My body was too happy to embrace the rain. And now, my whole body is in pain. At least I have more time to grab the colors and pattern for your interior space.

Leopard print is surely strong for this room and by adding the turquoise sedated the overall room. It is also a perfect choice to welcome spring season. The gold accessories will add a touch of glamorous look.
I do believe it'll work. {for animal print lover} Undoubtedly.

Yes, I am sick and I want really hot soups right now. A great company would be perfect. It is surely the best medicines.

Happy {sick} Thursday!


  1. Oh sweetie! hope you are feeling better! get well soon and for the time being pamper yourself at home with a hot cuppa and some girly magazines... Kisses

  2. sorry to hear that you've been sick. Soups are the best! My favourite if I get sick: homemade chicken noodle soup with chilli paste, ginger and lemon. It does wonders.

    Get well soon!

  3. Hope you'll feel better soon. I hadn't thought of leopard-gold-turquoise, but it seems to work. :) Ada

  4. I've been sick too-got it from my baby who's been ill so i know how you feel. Hope you feel better soon. Also, big thank you for the award. I already did a post for it, but i received it again from another blogger and you, so i will be doing a thank you post for sure! I nver tire of getting awards-love'em:-)

  5. Sorry you're feeling sick, sweetie! I love that leopard room. It's fabulous! Hope you feel better soon and that you get to enjoy the weekend :) xoxo


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