Thursday, March 3, 2011

What I love- Faye Toogood

 “I started to get involved with people who were creating their own worlds. I realized I wanted to do that, and I hoped people would like it.”  -- Faye Toogood

“We want to have luxuries, but we don’t want what everyone else has. Luxury is being able to order a piece directly from a designer, and talk to him or her about where it came from. It’s not about buying something that’s a bit of a gimmick and not really caring where it’s made. That has no real meaning to me – no soul. I want people to love their furniture."-- Faye Toogood

The moment I saw this beautiful picture, I read the whole article about this picture. Staged by Faye Toogood.

It's amazing how she started as intern at The World of Interior Design Mag, Min Hogg. She didn't know anything about style. And now, her designs are offbeat. I truly love how she embraced the character of each object she's collecting and how she developed the brands and the interiors. It really stands out.

Faye Toogood is really "TOOGOOD".

I really love this video! Enjoy!

London Design Week - Brompton Design District. from, design vl on Vimeo.

Did you notice the little basket? I'll call it Tray to Basket. Cute, Isn't it?

To learn more about her click here

Happy Thursday!

Images: Azure Studio Toogood


  1. Wow that chair is incredible!! Lovely movie, I admire her philosophy and commitment to nature (though I'd never buy this style of furniture). The food baskets were very cute! Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Hey Gurl, I love the mirrors and that chair is off the hook. Have a great week.

    Lisa xx

  3. Love the oversize props! Great post! :)


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