Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Feeling Blue

Rainbow stripes does pours cheery pretty attention to this adorable bedroom. A touch of black lamp shades totally cut out the bright colors which is absolutely glamorous. She does looks like a {stunning} mother in this room. She's not isolated. She seems to enjoy being a motherhood. Just beautiful!

These pretty living room is making me smile. How cute is the little flower head lined up on the sofa. Who said only nail head is allowed to pop in the sofa? Turquoise and purple are really perfect together Maybe for me. There is something about those two colors together. Again.  I will never forget this> POP the flowers! Pop them!

And {smiles},,, the bathroom... For me, you can buy those inexpensive ceramic tiles anywhere. And so the rest of the bathroom fixtures, furnitures and accessories. And Voila! They perfectly made everything worked beautifully.

Feeling blue lately. But like what they said, "When it rains, it pours". My mood right now is magnetized to colors. You have to be colorful sometimes.
Perhaps, all the time<<< your mood, YES!



  1. I love the color blue...any shade. The bedroom is stunning with all the jewel tones. It seems all these colors mesh effortlessly and give the room a shimmering effect.

    Great photos Cherrisse!


  2. How lovely. Thanks for sharing.

    Lisa xx

  3. Great combo of blue and purple on the sofa! And the flowers in it are fabulous too. I really love the bathroom, mostly because of the mirrors I think... Hope you have a lovely weekend and Easter!

  4. Wow! These are just gorgeous spaces! LOVE the first room especially. Hope things brighten up soon, love :) xoxo


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