Friday, May 6, 2011

{Pink Friday Morning}

Rise and shine! A deep yawn to finally scream, YES it's friday! I'd like to wake up in the white canvas room with a pop of sweet pinks/creams and soft ruffle pillows. A vintage tiny doors is such a perfect example to remind you that the doors are always open for you to embrace it.

Yes to flower and coffee for breakfast! It's amazing how flowers can absolutely bring a smile to your face to begin your day, no matter how hard you try not to smile.

And now, All I want is my to do list for today is done before evening, So I don't have to carry them in my head later on the dinner with friends in San Francisco.  I can't wait to try new restaurant to enjoy the ambience and learn from the concepts, new food to explore my taste and of course to learn from the presentation, new drinks to laughs and to enjoy the conversation and of course to learn from the colors and shape of it.

"Who doesn't want that? Right?"

I hope you all have a fantalicious weekend!


  1. I love the pink accents and the vintage door. My type of style...simple, vintage and oh I must not forget nordic french, or french anything!

    Have a great weekend and enjoy!

    Au revoir,


  2. how romantic and dreamy are these photos! hope you're having a fabulous weekend! :) Ada


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