Thursday, May 19, 2011


Beautiful short furnitures for a small room. Adding the light colors with bold pattern enlivened the room.

A touch of small and colorful round pieces brightened up the chair. It's a huge different without it.

The random clip boards simply framed the text on the wall. A beautiful idea to add details on the wall.

The wall patterns doesn't have to stop just because we have the shelves. To continue the pattern is simply the best answer.

And the lines ran through the floor. It's just a perfect examples to give a statement in your room.

I do love the word "Framing". Such a big important role to embrace the poetry of the details and most of all everything voiced the brand.

And last. The camera. Just a random thought. I am a photo lover. If I had to choose where to place my camera. It would be a place where people entertain. It's not only for display. It's meant to touch. I also love the idea of placing it on the books.

What do you think of their Vignette? Have any of these taught you or gave you some great ideas too?
To read the articles. Click here

Now, I'm attending Retail Design Institute Events. They will discuss and present about Brand Integrity: How to Lead Customer Experience Transformations that align Strategy, Brand and Operations.

Happy Thursday and enjoy your productice day!


  1. I love the random clipboard idea for framing a text. It has great eye appeal. Your class sounds interesting.

    Hope you have a great weekend!


  2. I am in love with the 2 first pictures!!!

  3. I love the little buttons on the chairs in the first couple of photos :) that's such a cute detail!

    Love, Vanilla

  4. I love the cushions in the first image and the clipboards, great idea! Have a happy Monday!


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