Sunday, July 31, 2011

City Girl

I've always love the idea of using bold, old, and an eye catching entry doors. It screams welcome to my home. Perhaps, adding a pop of industrial materials such as metal stairs and floors echoed the city where you live. The bright colors and symmetrical furniture layout sedated the room and it's a perfect solution to relax after a busy day.

"I'm ready to sit down and drink a cup of tea!"

Happy Sunday!

Images via Pinterest


  1. beautiful colors adore the idea o mixing turquoise and coral perfect summer match!!! a big big kiss sweetie!

  2. What a gorgeous colour palette! The outfit is sooo pretty! :)

  3. love these colours ... and that door was already in my bookmarks ;-)

  4. these are such pretty colors. i love the coral/pink shade with everything right now.


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