Thursday, August 11, 2011

In the midst

I'd like to have lunch with friends and family in this beautiful dining area. The black brick wall with the vintage door adds a big impact in this room. The whole room is bold by repeating the black color with different patterns but brining in the natural light and bright colors soothed the dining area.

This would be my favorite space to escape from everything, all alone, read and relax. Friends and family are always welcome to join with me. It's probably why I like this room, it works for kids, teen ager and adults.

Since summer is about to end and the fall is just around the corner, these pictures says it all.

/images via pinterest. original source unknown /


  1. This is the exact kind of inspiration I would look for in decorating my home. Love it!

  2. The second image would be the perfect place for relaxation with a good book but I think kids would love it so much I wouldn't have any time alone in there. LOL

  3. the colors in the room are just so perfect. they're vivid and cool, i'd love to be there.

  4. You are absolutely right, the spaces look like the transition from Summer to Fall. Enjoy your weekend :)

  5. Interesting combination of black and white prints in the first image. And charming doors. :) Have a wonderful weekend! xo


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