Monday, August 22, 2011

The joy of coming home

The best part about going home is when you quickly open your mailbox, you see package with your name on it and you scream YES! I was jumping like a little girl!  So happy to have my two necklaces! I'm glad I bought them. I love them! It looks great with any clothes I wear! Thanks to Kystal from Village  for introducing Upper Metal Class.

The good news is you have a chance to win from Upper Metal Class.  For more info. Check her facebook here

/images by me and Upper Metal Class/


  1. I LOVe getting packages! Nothing better!

  2. i love getting letters and packages in the mail :) and jewelry is the best!! your necklaces are so simple and pretty.

  3. OH YES, I, understand you so well! instead of getting bills and bank accounts.... these are the perfect mails!!AND These are so nice!!!

  4. They are lovely! Isn't it fun waiting for packages to come in the mail. Sometimes I can hardly stand the wait.


  5. It's so great when you find pacakges in your mail box when you come home. Which reminds me of a new order I should place on Amazon (books is what I have in mind). :)


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