Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Wednesday

Hello Ladies! How's your day so far? I couldn't help but notice these classic bedroom and office space. Something I can combine together for a small bedroom. Lots of storages and natural lights. I've always loved colorful and bright colors and I am still perplexed on how black and gold colors were jumping in my head. It is completely different style. Maybe it's the simplicity with a touch of elegance that I'm drawn to this time. Or maybe because we can always add an accent color with the perfect accessories depending on the season. Or maybe because it's deathless!

"What colors do you want to keep and you know you can simply add beautiful accent colors to make some changes?"

Definitely want to learn from you. Have a great day!

/images via pinterest/original source unknown/


  1. Oh my, the details on that dress, stunning! I've come to love this combination of black and gold. It's classic and glamorous too and who doesn't need a little glamour from time to time? White is another colour I hold on to and would love to try it with some very delicate silver accessories. And I love green or blue with camel. :)

  2. Love the first picture.
    I am playing now with the idea of total white and adding some color splashes like red, or blue tones... my mood is constantly changing so maybe tomorrow I would go for total beige.... A big kiss

  3. I agree that storage is the most important thing in a bedroom- to clear all the space in order to relax. Love these pics.

  4. i adore the bedroom and that art piece packs a major punch in the space.

  5. Such great style! I am not sure what color I'm going for. I have lots of white in my room.


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