Monday, September 12, 2011


Hello! This picture above is calling my name. The floor to ceiling shelves and the chairs are very classic. Adding pops of bright colors, fur, and checkboard floors makes the room really fun and witty. If there's a big pin boards on the side wall and a big desk, I can see myself reading here, walking around this room, pinning all the images and sketching on the desk table. Love Love Love!

And oh my! This maybe, when I just want to relax and read.


Oh yes!

/ images via pinterest original source unknown /


  1. both rooms look amazing. i'd love to gather a collection to fill a wall full of bookshelves.

  2. May I join? I am in love with teh 2nd pic!!!!

  3. A room with many book shelves tends to look too stuffy sometimes, that's why I love the last interior more: the white furnishing and walls make it feel more airy and light. I would spend quite a lot of time reading in that space. :)

  4. Love that last photo! It looks so relaxing and inviting.



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