Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My dream Home OFFICE

I noticed everytime I go to a restaurant, lounge or coffee shop, I preferred to sit at a banquet or booth if they have it. Why not use at your office room? Oh yes, I will. It's about time to break the rules. Not only it's comfortable, it's also insanely unique. Give yourself a little break from getting too serious, for once. Go on, stop hiding your party dress and just wear it while your working. Share the fun with your friends. A little fun can sharpen your focus, isn't it? Must have a prize for the "best dress" if you like. Aaand a camera.


Just one of the most unforgettable days.

Happy {working or studying} Day!

/ images via pinterest original source unknown. edited by framing spaces /


  1. I love those colors together! I always ask for a booth or when we go out. It is much more comfortable and intimate!


  2. I love that idea! And that palette is just gorgeous! :)

  3. That dress is gorgeous! What a colour! Love your enthusiasm. :)

  4. Great idea :)
    I agree - being too serious kills creativity and joy!

  5. If I'm ever to sit in your office I'm never leaving! Great idea ;-)


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