Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekly Style [Modern hits Rustic]

I am craving rest, complete sleep, reading, and blogging. {I miss you all terribly}. Like what I mentioned before, it's been a busy week for me which is absolutely amazing. So, these inspiration images expressed my desire to spend time alone.{at least one full day}


Dont we all need these? Warm and kick back space. Summing up with a pinch of formal look shined your character.  I am in a mood to create a color board with these inspiration images. Let's kiss this style and colors then carry them for the rest of the week.

I am.
What's yours?

Happy Sunday and enjoy the rest of the week!

/ images via leslie williamson , pinterest and style files edited by framing spaces /


  1. After the week I had this looks great, I'm craving time alone in bed, just me and my blogs! Happy Sunday :)

  2. I'm relishing in all the same! Enjoy your Sunday! :)

  3. Great outfit and necklace, my type of styling :)

  4. you collages are always perfect and bring me to the appropriate mood! Lately I am longing for some relax!!! a big kiss

  5. All these colours, so elegant, really love them! xo

  6. great images! and i'm definitely lip color obsessed!

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  7. cool colors. hope you have a good week :)


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