Friday, November 11, 2011

8 Great Hallways

Hello, I’m Joanna, a writer for Arcadian Lighting, the best place to go online for everything lighting. I spend my days gathering the loveliest interior designs from around the internet and sharing them on blogs like Framing Spaces. Thank you for letting me share a few of the beautiful hallways I found recently. Hallways can be both mysterious and dramatic, beckoning us to new rooms to be discovered. The allure of a beautiful passage way is hard to ignore especially if it is decorated like one of the following great hallways. Art, light fixtures, rugs and even furniture--all have their place in these beautiful spaces. Take a look and see if you aren’t inspired with interior design ideas of your own.

Wall Sconces in Hallway

Channeling excitement is what this hallway does best. The lively use of lights all along the hall's length is enchanting.

Ceiling Fixture in Hallway

Something about this hallway made us fall in love. Not sure whether it is the portrait of the Friar or the combination of purple and lavender, but whatever it is we like it. Doesn’t it make you wonder what the rest of the house looks like?

Pendant Lights in Hallway

This hallway featured in Veranda is so sophisticated. The sleek appearance of its art and furnishings plays off the whimsy of the pendant lights above.

Great Hallways

This hallway and entry give off a melancholy, almost haunting feeling.  The brick flooring and the outdoor scene on the wallpaper makes one feel as if they are outdoors.

Great Hallways

This passageway is so incredible with its ship chandelier and the grand staircase. The colors are soft and subdued giving it a more relaxed feel.

Great Hallways

This petite hallway comes to a stop in a tiny corner filled with art and books. What a lovely little space.

Pendant Lighting in Hallway

A hallway leading to a dining room gets dressed up with photos covering both walls and a modern pendant light framed by architectural detailing.

Chandelier in Hallway

Dramatic color brings this long hallway to life. It makes you just want to peek in every doorway along the way.

I hope you truly enjoyed these great hallways. To find more inspiration on making your hallway great likes these, feel free to stop by Arcadian Lighting Blog to see what tips we have on what to do with your lighting fixtures!

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  1. Thank you Joanna for this lovely post! Great Hallways are truly important. It nice to have a beautiful hallways. Lighting are very important too. It greets "Welcome!" It makes you wonder what's the rest of the house looks like.

  2. i love those lamps from the first image!

    have a great weekend!

  3. Great ideas!!
    Love the lamp on the black wall.

    have a great weekend.

    Smile loads


  4. Lovely hallways!

    Have a lovely weekend.


  5. I like the first one becauses it's so fresh & simple & I love the one with the pop of orange!

  6. I love the inspo here, still trying to figure out what to do with my hallway!

  7. For me a beautiful hallway means simplicity and elegance. I love the last one, except for the lighting. The floor and the grey shades are gorgeous and so elegant. :)

  8. I actually went shopping for light fixtures over the weekend. I couldn't believe how much fun it was, so many options + redecorating our flat is always nice. I love the outdoor inspiration with the brick floor and the ship chandelier is wonderful.

  9. #1 is def my fave....though i am a sucker for stripes.

  10. i really like the b/w stripe hallway. it's so chic an clean.


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