Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gift Wrapping Day

A couple of more days and it's Christmas! Definitely must see lots of gorgeous gifts under the tree. Do you have a favorite way of wrapping gifts? Bring friends or kids to keep you company! =) Don't forget your holiday foods and drinks! Or should I say plan a Gift Wrapping Party? That's one of the fabulous memories. Isn't it? Enjoy your day!

images: making it lovely & tumblr


  1. Half the fun of receiving Christmas gifts is admiring and unwrapping the gifts. I love wrapping presents and try to find new and unique ways of doing it. It's fun!


  2. time is flying by! i'm in the process of getting all of my gifts wrapped this week!!

  3. What a wonderful collage!

    I like wrapping the gifts when everyone has fallen asleep, so it's just me with a glass of red wine and some chocolate ;-)

  4. I like cranking up some tunes and just getting into it. I find the whole wrapping process to be kind of calming and it's so fun to create pretty little packages :)

  5. I haven't thought of a gift wrapping party. But I prefer to wrap the presents all by myself. It's one of my Christmas pleasures. How beautiful those gold and violet wrapped gifts look! Have a wonderful weekend! xo

  6. we've been doing some of that today!

  7. The Big One and I wrapped most of our pressies last night but they definitely are just wrapped, not beautiful which is a shame - I just have no time! Firmly in the pre-Crimbo stress bubble! No time, No time! ;)

  8. I've wrapped everything and now helping to wrap some of my friends gifts, I love the idea of a wrapping party. -xo


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