Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hearts Month

1{by Leigh Viner} 2{minoux} 3{bauble bar}

Goodbye January and Hello February! These colors are everywhere! Aren't they?  I can't believe January is over but on a brighter note, I found so many great links and inspiring blogs that I can't wait to share. One of them is the artwork shop {shown above} by Leigh Viner. I have to thank mimi+meg for sharing it. I am not an artist, but she is making me want to grab my brush and paint my canvas.

I hope you had so much fun and great experiences last month. Let's all say hello to February. Feeling glamorous and inspired by watching this and reading this on the first day. I hope you did too.

Happy Hearts Month!

source: rosebuds


  1. Love that pink ring and the artwork is nice too!

  2. loving those colours and hello to February! xx

  3. Oh that photo is fantastic!
    Love your finds too. The necklace is beautiful!

  4. i still am trying to figure out where january went! but am welcoming in all of the pink!

  5. hi sweetie! how are you? Welcome February!!!


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