Thursday, October 15, 2009

I am PAPER sucker!

I can't look away! I love papers! I saw this from Fish Lips Paper Design When I see papers, I see curtains & pillows too. PLUS wall coverings, stationaries, boxes, journals and you name it. To many ideas flowing through my head. I admit it. I get CRAZY!

If you love DOGS, and you have a gift for your friend's dog then this is perpect to use for gift wrapping. I know you are just going to throw it away, but why not keep it and use it as a wall art. You can frame it. YES you can. =) for more tips. Feel free to check it out @ Fish Paper Design eco-10 Tips

This one reminds me of what I saw at DESIGN ABOVE ALL SHOWCASE design by Donald Fugina & Karen Calija

Hibiscus. I love the color combinations.


  1. Wow! Gorgeous patterns. This is how I feel about fabric :)

  2. love the hibiscus paper pattern...i'm a sucker too for papers :).


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