Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mirror, mirror, mirror, on the wall

Mirrors are my favorite accessories to have in every room. It may sounds bizarre, I love to look in the mirror. When the mirror has beautiful details, it allows you to feel beautiful. It's fun to dress up and sparkle ourself here. The mirror says we are glowing

Hi gorgeous! From head to toe mirror is my number 1 favorite. I'd like to see the over all outfit before I leave this room. So this is a MUST HAVE one in any room. If you ask me, I'd like to have TWO, one in my dressing room AND one in my hallway/foyer next to the entry door. She said, "You're good to go lovely lady"

The living room like this is beautiful because of the mirror. It adds interest and glamorous look in this room

Very friendly and entertaining rooms, Aren't they?



  1. lovely images...mirrors are one of my favorite accessories ^_^

  2. very nice touch for interiour design.
    great houses.
    great living spaces.


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