Thursday, October 22, 2009

Textiles = Ceiling Molding

(Smiley Face) First, I would like to share that I am very happy that I learned something unique today.I read New York Spaces Magazine and I was browsing the online @ Etsy for something to buy. The unique idea just popped in my head. As I mentioned about I am a paper sucker.

When I see textiles


I see ceiling molding too.
Interior Design: Delle Donne Interiors Photographer: Peter Margonelli

ME? I would like to have a ceiling molding in my bedroom like this textiles below

When I wake up in the morning, I am free from doubt that  I am not going to refuse to open my eyes. The ceiling is whispering,,, saying "Hello Sunshine! Today is going to be a GREAT day!"

For something florals, fun & friendly. I want my (white or maybe add a little bit of colors) ceiling molding like this two.

by: Oktak
I also love this beautiful purse!

I saw this pillow

and I always remember one of my favorite blogger who inspired me. I started blogging, collecting inspirational images, reading about great designers. So I thank Cassandra Lavalle, Coco Kelley , my friend Levina, Blueprint lookbook, and to all bloggers here. They all inspired me everyday!  

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  1. Oh! I love that first pattern and the ceiling photo, really beautiful!


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