Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pierre Frey

"The excitement of design is in the mix of the old and the new. For the best ideas, we must always look back as well as forward"~  PIERRE FREY (The Grandson of Pierre Frey)

He loves the neighborhood in Nolita, New York because the description suits Frey. "Young and old, inventive ang business minded, connected and current".

This is my favorite space.  A (metal) 25 drawer unit from the apartment previous owner. This is where he keep his clothes and FABRIC SAMPLE. I like the story of this space, by using OLD (the fan, the 25 unit drawer & the chair) and NEW (Mirror and table lamp)

All images are courtesy of New York Spaces Magazine,October 2009

I saw this beautiful wall coverings and the table lamp from Pierre Frey. "Can I have them please?"

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  1. I love this line...I used that same toile in a chocolate and cream for a client's bedroom several years still looks fresh and new!


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