Sunday, November 1, 2009

Good to be HOME

It's been a LONG week since the day before my BIRTHDAY. It was FUN celebrating with my family, friends, my boss, and my man. Today was the last day of celebrating my Birthday. It took me 2-3 hours drive going back home from San Francisco.It was tiring but FUN and it's all worth it :)

"Sighs" I'm happy to be home. I just wanted to rest and relax for a minute.
BUT, one thing I missed and one thing I wanted to do first was reading a blog. Im glad I got a chance to read an interesting blog and I saw many beatiful photos. Im happy. I found all these photos from Simply Seductive, introduced by one of my favorite blogger Plush Palate They both have an interesting blog and beautiful photos.
Now I am soooo ready to sleep. The smell of aroma theraphy lavender is making me fall asleep. "Sighs" so peaceful.  Im going to say Good night now. I hope you all sleep well. Sweet dreams!


Thanks for the comments =)
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