Saturday, December 12, 2009

Happy Rainy day!

love the rains cuz I can stay home the whole day. Read, sketch/paint, and of course watching a holiday movie is a MUST. Seriously, this room from the movie, "Something's Gotta Give" is to die for. For some reason, this beautiful house striked in my head today after looking out the window. I just love the moment when Diane keaton was writing. She was facing the huge window. The view and the ambiance during the day and night are both perfect! You can (100%) focus doing your work. I LOVE it!

Production Design by Jon Hutman/Set Decoration by Beth Rubino

The best part is, every houses in the movie directed by Nancy Meyers really said about the character. Now I cannot wait to see the movie called "It's complicated". I love how it's simple, casual, entertaining and peaceful at the same time.

A perfect place to stay home during the rainy days too. This weather makes me want to just snap my fingers and happily appeared to this beautiful home to relax.

Happy Rainy day everyone! Embrace the weather =)

(Interior Images are courtesy of Architectural Digest and Traditional Home Magazine)

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