Sunday, December 6, 2009

Wrap up the Seasons

Here I am again. Blogging about PAPERS. Ebony Snow Chafey, owner of Snow & Graham shared her vivid memory. Her Granpa taught her to wrap presents. How about my memories? I was collecting stationaries when I was 8 years old. It was the most popular things to do at my young age. We will trade a piece or the whole package of stationary. I was told by my Uncle that it was bad because it was like "gambling". I stopped for so many years. It wasn't because of my uncle. It's because I lost my passion for it as I was growing.  For some reason, when I see it from the stores, or anywhere I go, my eyes can't get away from it. When I recieved a beautiful and cute gift wrappers, cards, and stationary, I keep them. I always create my own greeting cards from my used stationary. I do it for fun. When Ebony mentioned about it. She was RIGHT! I just realized, just now that Stationary is one of my favorite beautiful piece to collect. I thought I didn't. Have fun looking at the images below. How I wish I have my own studio room. I love the vintage tool box here. Enjoy!

The images below are my favorites Holiday Wraps from Snow & Graham.
Cocoa Cups
because I love coffees and hot chocolates.
Reindeer Games
because grey is one of my favorite color, the reindeers are huge. Of course I feel the Christmas seasons
because I love birds. It's chic, girly, and simple. The Red birds are very striking color on turquoise blue

"Lose the tape. I'm a glue stick girl" said Ebony Snow. "It makes the perfect edge every time"

I've bee using the tape and it was my major problem. Who wants to see the tapes? NO ONE. Very simple, easy, and neat.

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  1. i use to collect stationaries too and would trade it with my friends...hehehe.


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