Monday, January 4, 2010

Sabrina Outfit Inspiration

One of my favorite outfit from her movie, Sabrina. Very casual and chic with a splash of boyfriend outfit. What I love the most, this is timeless fashion style for spring and/or summer time. The photo of Audrey Hepburn is my inspiration. I had fun selecting clothes, shoes and accessories just like playing barbie. Slightly different but I think I loved the outcomes.

1. Lust




2. Real-buy




3. LOOK at your CLOSET. Re-use and play with it.

Well, guess what. I'll pick number 3.
Well, It is vitally important to think about our budget. Who said we can't look fabulous to worry about our pockets. As part of my New Year's Resolution, I will not shop as much as I used too. Luckily I can pull off the rest of my clothes in the closet for the upcoming 2010 Spring and Summer. Im starting to collect the 2010 Fashion photos, facing the closet, and pretend I am playing barbie just like what I did here. I am the barbie. You are the barbie.

Happy Monday!


  1. adorable outfit! i think i may try to recreate this spring! thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Love those owl earrings, very cute!

  3. The tie waist shorts are def. a must have! They are so cute. I'm with you though. Shopping my own closet unless there is a willing soul to let me shop theirs :o)


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