Monday, July 26, 2010

Hello Monday! Innocence + Rock & Roll outfit

Hello Monday! Hello everyone! How's your day? I meant to share this photos of Dakota Fanning from Flare. I heart her gorgeous dress, sparkling high heels & added the motorcycle jacket. And look at her eyebrows and hair. This is flatly alluring. It's not too innocent and it's not too wild. It's in between. The personality is unique. For me, that's what makes it more attracting.

Ooooh! I love you skirt. I must read the Flare magazine now and find out if this is dress or skirt. If you happen to know. I'll be happy to hear that from you. But I am less concerned with that right now. I am more concerned with this lovely dress. I mean,,,
 "Look. At. That!"
Now, it is perfect with plane top.

I will never get sick of this skirt. Floral edges on the top. This can go well with anything and by summing up the gloves is unexpected and still rocking!  Definetely must  try the braided hair too.

I'm in a mood to do something like this right now. Even for just a second. Let it out! Or if you can,,, do it with your friends!

Have a great day everyone!

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