Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Have you been to ABC Kitchen

Has anyone been to ABC Kitchen? If you did, I'll be the first one in line to hear your experience there. In that situation, I envy you. I usually crave for something fresh, home feeling yet elegant restaurant. I think I found it. THIS! I mean,,, look at this,,,

I loved the mix of fresh and haute of this place. The entire plain white walls, chairs, and chandeliers helped accentuate the recycled wood beams, columns and tables ( I would simply call it, dining in woods) The idea of black and white artworks are genious. I'm sure, you might say the artworks feels a bit ho-hum. Each one of them are plain and sort of invisible but they are also meant to be seen. The beams actually potrayed them and for that I appreciate the beautiful artwork and they belong there. For me, it WORKED!

I love the symbiotic relationship of food and interior design. If you are looking for a not so overwhelming restaurant, I think this is a perfect place to entertain after a LOONG,,,, busyyyy,,,, day!

Pardon my silliness...

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