Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Unsatisfied day off

It's been a rough, busy, and tiring for months. I finally had time for myself alone at home and most importantly, time to get inspired.  My plan today was to fix my disaster small walk-in closet. My day off seems to be an inspiration day instead. You can blame the motivational book and inspiring blogs. Unfixed closet isn't bad at all. But I do wish to have a big closet like this (right now). You can change your bedroom (if you have and extra) into a big dressing/closet room.   

But the rest of my day is spent reading at my desk which is the best day off after a long busy months.

and a cup of tea is a MUST have. The over-all gorgeous tea cup made me smile.
now, going to sleep early is a sad ending story but this gorgeous bed is going to make me happy.

Good Night everyone!

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