Friday, January 21, 2011

...Oh my FRIDAY...

Our favorite day is finally here! Yes! It's Friday! Why won't I show you something before you get so excited about your Friday. Well, I can't wait to show this luxurious hotel. See for yourself. I promise, you wont regret it. {I hope you love it as much as I do}

How fabulous is that? Bold and strong details! The pillows are gorgeous! Do you want that pillow but the inexpensive pillow? {Check this lovely ruffle pillows.}  I was not a big fun of busy and dark interior spaces but, This. Is.  Divine! I love it! I never thought about using busy wall coverings and applying a striking artwork. I thought it won't work {never in my life} but after I saw this, I am going to grab that idea.
At least they tried to lessen the pattern, Right? The solid color in the back is perfect.

These photos makes me want to PARTeeeeY! We all deserve it after a week of working hard! Don't we?
Where are you going tonight? Any fabulous restaurant or lounge to go?

Happy Happy Happy Friday!

Images: Flemings-Mayfair, Nylon magazine


  1. happy friday! the amount of color & pattern in the photos is too amazing!

  2. Great pic's :)

    Love, vanilla

  3. I love that pink ruffle pillow in the 1st picture!

  4. awesome post. makes me even more excited that it's Friday and the weekend is finally here :).

  5. This is a lot of bold beauty! And as you say it really works. I'd have to say I like the teacups the best though;) Hope you had a great time with your friends going out. I've mentioned and linked to you on my blog, yours is fabulous! Looking forward to following you:) Xx


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