Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Hair & Color Inspirations

Today, I am heading to my 3 year old Goddaughter's party. I'd love to have a young yet sexy hair style like this. Possibly, adding a deep red lipstick too. 

"So, what's your hair style today?"

Moving on to the colors palette. The colors combination are somewhat unexpectedly appealing for interior spaces. I mirrored the palette {on the bottom} from the photos.  I think, I've seen the colors in interior spaces before. I believe it'll work.

"What do you think? Have you seen the color combination before? I am interested to see :)"

Off to go to my Goddaughters party. More braided hair style here. Enjoy and Happy Sunday everyone!

images: Jamie Nelson


  1. I've been LOVING braids lately! Not sure if I could pull this one off quite as well, but I'm inspired to give it a shot... ;)

  2. Haha don't we all? My hair has that long "I'm too cheap for a current hair cut" look, so I'm always trying to find ways to manipulate it and fool people into thinking it looks good.


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