Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy {Cleaning} Saturday & Hello Colors!

Hello Everyone! I know, it's Saturday. Why am I cleaning?... on Saturdays? It's really about time to declutter and organized everything. I'm saying, physically, mentally, and emotionally. It's going to be multi-tasking. I have 3 loads of laundry. Hmmm? To save my time,

{Step 1}- I will gather the dirty clothes inside the washer.While waiting for that,
I'll wash the dishes and clean the kitchen. And then {hummming}
{Step 2}- I will transfer my wet clean clothes to dryer. Repeat Step 1 for the second load. While waiting for clothes dancing inside the washer and dryer...

I will clean my bathroom.Arrgg wiping the floor is the hardest thing to do. Soon, the {best} mop will party with me.

So, repeat the step 1 & step 2. Clean my bedroom. Sure, I will need a little break. Relaxing for a moment will be greatly appreciated...

Finally, continue Step 2. Ooooohhh! My disaster closet!You've got my attention now!

And NO. It's not that I'm messy, cluttered and doing my super dooper late new year's resolution. It's because,,,,since I lost my job, I am going to focus on the things I need to do that really makes me happy. It's sounds terrible, but I think it sounds ridiculously perfect!

NO, We're not finish yet. I must have something for myself. Let's call it a gift for myself.

Yes sweetie! CHOCOLATE would be PERFECT! Thank you!

Ok, got to go now! The photos are truly inspiring. Feel free to explore the colors you can use for your design, while I'm cleaning.

What are you going to do today? I'll be happy to see what you have!

Happy happy Happy Saturday!

Images: Jamie Nelson

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  1. love all of the colors in this post. so much prettiness :)


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