Thursday, February 24, 2011


I went to Aritzia last week. When I entered to this chic and beautiful store. I told myself, "Hey! Hello office room". If I have home office. I will also repeat the pattern of the floor tiles with the arch, shelves, and mirrors. Take a look closer to the shelves by the pink ceilings. It was not only pretty. It was also space friendly. {esp. for your home office} How genious is the idea? The oversized table is definitely a MUST haves for me.

It's amazing to add an interesting graphics on the wall and repeat the pattern with the arch. It screams "Welcome!" Such a fun and inviting atmposhere.

They didn't only repeat the pattern. The hot pink color from the ceiling echoed to the fitting room. And if you noticed, they only applied it to the inside corner just like the ceiling. It's surprising how strong it can change the emotions in this room.

What I learned...
1. Attention to details
2. Repeating the pattern & the color
3. Space friendly
4. Color Combinations
5. Floor and tall mirrors are always my favorite.

How about you? What was your beautiful experience last week? Did you learn something too? I would love to hear it! {Smiles}
So really, "GO SOMEWHERE" and not only enjoy life but learn something from it.

Happy Thursday!

Images: Aritzia, Yelp


  1. Beautifully designed space, I love it and can totally see why you got inspiration from it!

  2. It's a beautiful space :)

    Love, Vanilla

  3. Great open space and white as a base color.... perfect! inviting!!!


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