Friday, February 25, 2011


Thousand words to say about this picture. Let's pause a minute and focus on the pictures.

The character of this space just makes me happy!

Interesting mirrors in pyramid. I can call it a tall headboard or a wall art! It's beautiful the way it is.
So, it's Friday! Everybody's throwing their arms in the air. Just what you've been waiting for.
There's nothing better else to do for me but stay home. Too much FUN last week and it's time to FOCUS on TO DO lists!
If you are feeling the same way! Cheers to you and good luck! You can do it!
And Yeeppee to everyone else! Enjoy!

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Images: Elle Decor, Jamie Nelson


  1. lovely room full of mirrors, it would be marvellous to lie there...heavenly!!!! and just staying at home and relaxing... enjoy!!! kisses

  2. No road trip this weekend????? I'm getting ready for the weekend now. I'm in bed painting my toes and my nails. Well enjoy putting your feet up this weekend.

    Cheers Love Lisa xx

  3. Beautiful spaces. I'm in love with the 2nd pic. Enjoy your weekend lovely! XX

  4. Happy weekend! :) I adore the wall art/ tall head board, it's amazing :)

    Love, vanilla


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