Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cabbage chair

It started with the cabbage chair and the wood untensils that made me create a mood board. Honestly, I've got tones of ideas to use with this fun cabbage chair. Since my mood today is to just relax in the casual and harvest atmosphere, I thought this board mirrored to my mood.

What do you think of the cabbage chair? Do you also believe it will work with any styles? Such as something classic and glamarous? Undoubtedly, it'll always work for kid's room.

1. Cabbage Chair
2. Pendant Chandelier
3. Witches' Kitchen Collection
4. Atelier Chesterfield
5. Traveler Coffee Table


  1. Wow Loving these charis, the colors and the shapes of course!!!I love the green one and the red... they are perfect!!!! kissestheaking

  2. How fun is that cabbage armchair? I'm not sure though where I would place it. :) I love the green coach, it works perfectly with the wooden trunk and utensils.


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