Tuesday, April 26, 2011

{Lesson for today}

Yes, this is exactly what I felt!

The lesson for today.....

Learn how to change a tire.

Yes. I got a flat tire. I was surrounded by tall trees. Luckily. the freeway was just next to me. Still, not safe.

Even if you have auto insurance to call, there's always "What IF..." You left your cell phone at home, -you don't have signal, - you are in the middle of dangerous area, and you don't have this and that... You may find a solution. However, there's nothing wrong with learning how to change a tire. Is there?


Always leave your mobile fully charged. That means, bring your complete chargers with you all the time or an extra battery.
 "Crazy, I talked to the agent for more than one hour, my phone was almost dead. I was afraid they can't get a hold of me and no one can get me." Big mistake.


Bring extra water,snacks and magazine. I was hungry and bored to tears. Again, I was surrounded by trees only.


Never leave the house without cash even if you're heading to the bank. Always leave extra cash in your wallet. The minimum is $100. The best part, leave cash in the car too. Make sure it's in the hiding spot. Never touch the money. It's for emergency only. Me, I think $100 is not enough.


Like what my father said. Keep you car's gas tank FULL. Again, never leave the house with half tank. The best advise is pump gas before you go home. Tomorrow you don't have to go the gas station before you start your productive day. Stress free right?


I hope you learned today too. Don't wait for it to happen. Be safe!


  1. Hi Cherisse,

    WOW! Did you have a flat tire and have to change it by yourself? That happened to me only I was on a very busy road and didn't have a clue what to do...so I started to walk to the airport (which was about 1 mile up the road from where I had the flat) and before I got to far a man stopped and asked if I needed help...he changed my tire and followed me to my turn off. How lucky is that!!

    I still can't change a tire BUT I do keep a full tank of gas. HA


  2. No, the guy from my car insurance did. After what happened, I realized anything can happen to you and it's scary like what happened to me. Luckily, my cell phone battery had one bar left after I finished talking to the auto agent talking about where they can locate me. Or else they can't help me if I get disconnected. Yeeeks!

  3. sorry to hear about your flat! i always try to keep my phone charged, but i think snacks/water are also good to have.

  4. I had a flt tyre last year. Just when I was driving out from the petrol station... luckily in front of the street there was a cara garage!!! Otherwise I would get into panic:-)))

  5. Oh how awful this happened! You're lucky your phone had enough battery left to be found. This is good advice, if it never happened to yourself before you don't think of these kind of things. Thanks! Also for the sweet comment on my blog:)


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