Saturday, April 30, 2011

Talking Space--- Ghislaine Vinas

Hello to a fantastic wall covering. A place to fantasize a little bit of weekend getaway. Relaxing with a bright and cutest furnitures. I am loving the simple white soffit she added in this space!
It is so much fun to use a unique tables. The shape, inside out colors, and the functionality= Winner! The divider with random circles. It does looks like a piece of artwork in the space.

What a fun place to sleep? The shapes speaks cheerful, playful and adventurous. Maybe the kids will be too hyper to play instead of sleeping. However, they will also have a good sleep because of the happy environments they're staying.

Finally, pulling down the walls with another inches of ceiling pattern is thinking outside the box.  Adding a simple trim finished it off. Love it!

Spaces are framed!

Happy Weekend everyone!



  1. Hi Cherisse,

    I gotta say that the first image reminds me of something right out of the 60's when everybody was going MOD.

    I do love the divider with random is really cool and different.

    I'm having a Mom's Day giveaway. Stop by and leave a comment (even if you aren't a mom, I'm sure you have probably, in some way, nurtured a child...haven't we all!)


  2. I just pinned a really cool HUGE wall decal like the ones in your first pic...such a neat idea! enjoy your sunday :)

  3. The last room may be my fave. Love the headboard! :)

  4. love how the white just pops off the green walls. so fab!


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